Ch. 16: In the Mirror of Darkness

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Ch. 16: In the Mirror of Darkness

Post  Eric Gaidin on Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:36 pm

Selene is so much more interesting to read now, knowing who she is.

BTW, the portal stone world is messed up. Loial iterates the fact that the portal stones place you in worlds that might have been. He then states that the world their in is a world in which the Trollocs have won. This is in fact EXACTLY what the Dark One is trying to do with the Last Battle--transform the world into his own image. One in which man no longer lives. As Sanderson put it in a blog post recently, this is "exactly what's at stake." This world of if is empty, nothing lives there (except for the grolm). Here's another BTW: what the heck is up with authors who try to create a new creature in an epic/mythological stories and the best they can ever do is to jam two animals together?

"If a frog were as big as a bear, or if a bear had a frog's gray-green hide, it might look like that. A big bear" (222).

Thanks RJ. The guy describes the red marble columns in the Stone of Tear (book 3) for like two pages, and this is what we get when the characters enter a WHOLE DIFFERENT WORLD? Yikes my friend, yikes.

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