Ch. 20: Saidin

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Ch. 20: Saidin

Post  Eric Gaidin on Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:13 pm

I've started a new web site devoted to the academic study of The Wheel of Time. I've written a couple of essays to start off. The first is a treatise on the pronunciation of certain words, such as "saidin," "saidar," and "Gaidin." Take a look: The Academic Wheel of Time.

Other than the philological interests this chapter title brings to mind, Rand encounters the mightiest sa’angreal here for the first time. (While we’re at pronunciations, “angreal” is also a three-syllable word: anh-gree-AHL.) It’s being unearthed north of Cairhien, funded by King Galladrian of Cairhien. Rand is drawn to its power and actually scares Selene—we all know who Selene really is. What’s most interesting about this is that Rand fills himself near to bursting with the power yet he’s completely undeveloped in his ability to channel. So, I’m curious as to whether Rand’s ability to harness the one power—the amount or volume, if you will—is immutable or is Rand able to hold more of the power as he learns how to channel? This is essentially a nature vs. nurture question. Was Rand born with a fixed value of the amount of saidin he could hold, or does he learn to hold more as he progresses? I’m not sure if the answer is ever really given, but surely Selene can sense it.
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