Threads of the Pattern left to be tied up - SPOILERS

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Threads of the Pattern left to be tied up - SPOILERS

Post  Eric Gaidin on Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:04 pm

Some threads that need to be addressed yet:
1) The meeting in the field of Meillor(sp). What's Rand going to demand of the monarchs?
2) What the heck did Tam go off to do?
3) Moiraine - about f'n time! My daughter's namesake has returned finally.
4) Graendal - What did Shaidar Haran do to her?
5) Lanfear's back, although only in Rand's dream -- awesome. I look forward to the rematch between her and Moiraine
6) The Black Tower - Rand is going to have to restore order here. What happened to Logain? It's going to be great to see Taim taken down. Does anyone think he's one of the remaining Forsaken?
7) Lan's last charge - if Lan dies I might have to stop reading.
8 ) The Seanchan - these folks need to be put down. Now Tuon is planning on attacking the White Tower full force. Good lord, someone assassinate these people already!
9) The razing of Caemlyn - Dear lord, an unknown Waygate? Ya'd think someone would have discovered these damn things and sealed them up by now. This is what allowed the trollocs to infiltrate the Two Rivers. Serious mental lapse here on the part of Rand/Mat/Perrin.
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