Ch. 2 - Questions of Leadership

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Ch. 2 - Questions of Leadership Empty Ch. 2 - Questions of Leadership

Post  Eric Gaidin on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:58 am

First off, Perrin hasn't accepted the fact that he's a damn good leader? That makes no sense to me. Yes, Perrin is a little slow with figuring things out, but to suggest this sentiment so late in the game is ridiculous. I wanted to punch him in the gut and tell him to open his eyes. Do you think all of those men were following him because he's a terrible leader? Makes no sense. Thankfully Faile put him in his place.

The other issue in this chapter is the turn to Galad and the Children of the Light. I'm not too happy that the conflict between Asunawa ended so abruptly. That was very forced. You can tell that Sanderson was realizing how much he just had to get into this novel. The conflict there should have at least been born out of three or four chapters. Even segments of chapters, like this scene itself is. It's just frustrating to know that RJ probably would have developed that conflict, and the end result would have been a more fully-developed Galad, a character you'd have real sincere and deep respect for. Galad's desire to do nothing but good would have been a real boon to his character rather than the hindrance as it's usually portrayed. I'm just disappointed about this development.
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