Favorite chapter/scene ***SPOILERS***

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Favorite chapter/scene ***SPOILERS***

Post  Eric Gaidin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:38 pm

I'd like to start a thread that makes everyone all tingly--not because of the use of the One Power, I assure you, but because thinking of the answer to this question is a major reason why you love the series: What has been your all-time favorite scene or chapter?

**SPOILERS** My two cents: Ch. 19 Knife of Dreams -- Rand blows out a window of a manor house to face hundreds of thousands of trollocs led by hundreds of Fades. It could very well be the biggest collection of Shadowspawn in the whole series. Rand fights for control of the One Power from Lews Therin and begins channeling weaves that have not been seen since the Age of Legends. Deathgates. Arrows of Fire. A Myrddraal is completely incinerated by Rand/Lews Therin (remember, Lews Therin is attempting to take over Rand's hands). Unbelievable scene. Quote upcoming.

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Re: Favorite chapter/scene ***SPOILERS***

Post  GreatGamsby on Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:57 pm

End of book 6, the battle at Dumai's Wells (sp). When Rand makes the Aes Sedai bend down and swear fealty to him, the mood and way it played out, it gave me shivers. Book 6 is probably one of my favorite books.

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